SH Minerva - Antarctica
SH Minerva at sea
SH Minerva - aerial
Swan's Nest
SH Minerva - profile
Library - detail
Observation Lounge
Observation Lounge - Lecturers Desk
Observation Lounge - sitting area
Arctic landscape
Arctic landscape from expedition ship
Iceberg and ice in Arctic nature
coloured houses in Longyearben
Polar Bear
svalbard, Norway
Antarctic petrel
A Gentoo penguin
Adele jumping from ice Antarctica
Antarctic landscape from expedition ship
Antarctic Ice
Crab eater seal
Icebergs in Antarctica
Gentoo Penguins jumping from ice
Paradise Bay, Antarctic
Antarctic landscape
Zodiac in front of Iceberg
Arctic gull in the Russian Arctic
Cape Tegetthoff Russian Arctic
Winter Arctic landscape
Polar Bear in Wrangel Island
Whale in Yttygran Island
Beautiful summer arctic landscape
Bering Strait and Cape Dezhnev
Lighthouse-monument of the Bering Strait
Zodiac Expedition in Greenland
Icebergs in Arctic nature
Iceberg off the coast of Greenland
Observation Lounge - sitting area
Private Dining - evening
Private Dining - lunch
Sauna - Antarctica view
SPA - Massage Room
Swan Restaurant - overview
Swan Restaurant
Swimming Pool - sunset
Balcony stateroom
Gym - Bike detail
Premium Suite - sitting area
Suite - Bedroom detail
Oceanview - sitting area
Premium Suite - Bedroom detail
Jacuzzi - Antarctica view
Laboratory - detail