Natural Wonders of the Atacama and Paracas Desert

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Set sail from Valparaíso, Chile on a mesmerizing voyage along the arid coastline to Peru. Experience the Atacama, the driest desert in the world. See prehistoric geoglyph line drawings in the Paracas desert. Discover world-class coastal towns and bustling cosmopolitan cities. And stand under towering peaks and dramatic volcanoes of the Andes, as the beauty of the region washes over you. Your journey ends in the bustling port of Callao, Lima.

Trip Highlights

Fly over the Nazca Lines, one of the most mysterious shapes and lines on earth.
Visit the high-altitude Atacama Desert plateau filled with turquoise lagoons, llama-filled plains and sizzling salt flats.
Explore Peru’s white city of Arequipa and its renowned colonial architectural masterpiece, the Santa Catalina Convent.


Day 1
One of Chile’s oldest cities, Valparaíso is known for its steep hillsides overlooking the ocean as well as its historical funicular. UNESCO-listed, it's a maze of monuments, wonderful architecture, churches, cobblestone alleys, colourful houses and bustling plazas. The former home of Chile's most famous poet, Pablo Neruda, is open to the public in Isla Negra. Leaving Valparaiso, the fertile Casablanca Valley is known for Chilean white wines.
Day 2
Once Chile's gold and copper hub, colourful harbour town Coquimbo sits on the rocky Península Coquimbo hills. On top of the town is the Cross of the Third Millennium. The main square, La Serena lighthouse and views from La Serena viewpoint are among highlights. Ancient petroglyphs are found in the Limari Valley's Enchanted Valley park. The fertile Elqui Valley produces papayas, wine grapes for Chile's famed Pisco.
Day at sea
Day 3
Sea days are rarely dull. Take the time to sit back and let the world go by. The ship’s observation decks provide stunning views of the passing ocean. A day at sea gives you the opportunity to mingle with other passengers and share your experiences of this incredible trip or head to our library which is stocked full of reference books. Get an expert’s view in one of our on-board lectures or perhaps perfect your photography skills with invaluable advice from our onboard professional photographers.
Day 4
Steeped in culture on Chile's pristine Pacific coast, Antofagasta has a turbulent history. It was once part of Bolivia until Chile's 1883 War of the Pacific victory reshaped borders, giving Chile the city's horseshoe bay while landlocked Bolivia. Initially a prosperous mining hub, today Antofagasta draws visitors to its coastal beauty and proximity to Atacama Desert highlights like moonscape salt flats, lagoons and vast deserts.
Day 5
Iquique, a former saltpetre mining town, has become a premier Chilean beach resort with excellent surf, long sandy beaches, and favourable weather. The town's impressive 19th-century Georgian architecture includes Astoreca Palace, now a hotel. Chic street-side cafes, bars, and restaurants enhance the dining scene. Nearby, Humberstone, a nitrate town, is now a ghost town, a remnant of the once-prosperous saltpetre mining industry in the region.
Day 6
Bordering the Atacama, the world's driest desert, Arica, Chile's northernmost city features an elegant Gustave Eiffel-designed cathedral and an archaeological museum with ancient mummies. Nearby, the Atacama has the world's tallest sand dunes. Alpacas, pumas, llamas and birds like the Chilean flamingo and Andean condor inhabit the stark yet beautiful desert landscape. The picturesque Pomerape and Parinacota volcanoes sit across Chungara Lake.
Day 7
The port of Matarani is the gateway to Arequipa, Peru's White City, with the still-active El Misti volcano looming. Arequipa's colonial buildings carved from white volcanic sillar rock reflect the influence of volcanism on the landscape. Other landmarks include Inca ceremonial sites and the Museo Santuarios displaying the famous mummy of a girl, Juanita. Santa Catalina Convent, guarded by high walls, is a 16th century citadel within the city.
Day at sea
Day 8
Today as you sail, you’ll bask in the endless comforts of your ship. From the deck, marvel at the dramatic sea views. Relax with a nurturing facial treatment or massage in the spa or delve into the ship’s learning resources. Or, simply take refuge in your cabin and enjoy the opportunity to rest.
General San Martin
Day 9
The port of General San Martin serves as a gateway to the wonders of Peru's Paracas Peninsula. From here, guests can take flights over the Nazca Lines to witness geometric designs and mysterious geoglyphs. Nearby Paracas and Pisco offer speedboat excursions to the wildlife-rich Ballestas Islands and vineyard visits discovering the Pisco-making process. In Tambo Colorado, well-preserved Inca ruins offer a glimpse into the lives of Inca nobility.
Callao (Lima)
Day 10
Lima, Peru's capital, sits between the Pacific Ocean and Andes Mountains with the seaport of Callao. The bustling city’s enowned culinary scene features a local favourite, ceviche. The UNESCO World Heritage historic centre features colonial-era architecture including Plaza Mayor and San Francisco Monastery. Nearby, the clay ruins of ceremonial pyramids, Huaca Pucllana and Huaca Huallamarca, offer a glimpse of the Inca civilization's history.