An incredible region of antiquity and beauty is waiting to be explored…

What Awaits You

Beyond the beautiful beaches and sparkling seas, the Mediterranean is home to landscapes and legends that have been calling to the world for millennia. Swan Hellenic’s first cultural cruise dropped anchor here back in 1908, and over a century later, you can follow in the footsteps of the curious explorers who came before you.

Timeless discoveries

Travelling through this enchanting region takes you on a journey through history. The cradle of legendary civilisations – from the Phoenicians and Greeks to the Romans and Ottomans – these lands have witnessed epic battles, and the rise and fall of mighty empires. Walk through perfectly preserved Roman towns, explore ancient cities, and marvel at temples, fortresses and flawless mosaics. The Mediterranean has intrigued adventurous travellers for centuries, and now you can join them, exploring its fascinating, complex past in the company of world-renowned experts!

Connect with the past

Your voyage through this region will reveal a world of alluring sights and unforgettable scenery. Mediterranean architects crafted increasingly elaborate, iconic buildings over 3,500 years, and visiting these incredible, ancient places will immerse you in the history and culture of this captivating region. The Med may be famous for its beautiful shorelines and shimmering blue waters, but you’ll also be enchanted by the region’s other landscapes. Pristine forests, coastal wetlands, grassy plains, and smouldering volcanoes are all waiting to be discovered.

Wild wonders

When it comes to spotting wildlife on your Mediterranean expedition cruise, there is so much to watch out for. This region covers less than 1% of the world's ocean surface, but it holds 1 in 10 known marine species, of which 28% are found nowhere else on Earth. Cruising with Swan Hellenic, you’ll get to search for a dazzling array of marine wildlife with the help of our onboard experts. These abundant waters are home to dolphins, whales, porpoises, sharks, swordfish, turtles, seals and more!

Dishes that delight

Cruising through this part of the world means your tastebuds are in for a treat too! Prepare to embark on an epic culinary journey as you sample some of the world’s most delicious dishes straight from the source. From world-famous cannoli and traditional moussaka, to mouthwatering mezé, Baklava and the spicy flavours of aromatic tagines, you’ll never forget tasting your way across the Mediterranean!