When you sail with Swan Hellenic, as well as visiting remote, unusual destinations, you’ll be traveling with friendly onboard experts. Renowned in their fields, these easy going specialists are on hand throughout your journey. From historians and naturalists, to meteorologists and ornithologists, our expedition team bring unparalleled knowledge to your adventures. Whether you chat with them at dinner, grab a morning coffee together, or catch one of their fascinating lectures, our onboard experts’ unique insights are enriching and interesting...


Love landscapes? Gain a deeper understanding of how your surroundings were formed from the knowledgable geologists you meet on board – and change the way you see the world forever.


Will you spot a snow petrel, puffin, or rockhopper penguin when you travel with us? Learn about the incredible birds you encounter from our onboard ornithologists!


From kayaking excursions and Zodiac expeditions, to hiking trips and private tours, you can rely on our experienced activity leaders to guide you on your adventures.


Our photography experts are always happy to help you with your camera work. Chat to them and learn how you can best capture movement and light in the far-flung places you visit.


Our expert naturalists are the next best thing to traveling with Charles Darwin. Chat with them to get a new understanding of organisms, habitats and the natural world.


Catch up with our onboard marine biologists for absorbing stories about the whales, dolphins and other marine species you encounter on your Swan Hellenic voyage!


Our historians bring the past to life for you with incredible stories and unmatched knowledge of the places you visit with them.


The experts in charge of your excursions make sure you're in the right place at the right time to experience amazing wildlife and stunning landscapes on your travels.


Identifying plant life is easy with our onboard botanists! Get insights into ecosystems and climate whether you’re at sea or on land.


Consult our archaeology experts to discover what lies beneath your feet, and uncover the lost cities and ancient civilizations that shaped history.