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Ship Safety

You can rest assured that when you sail with Swan Hellenic, your pleasure and safety is of paramount importance. We aim to make your time with us something you’ll never forget, and our intimate ships have been designed with this in mind.

Our new fleet of 5-star boutique ships combine the latest on-board cruising technology, and ergonomically designed expedition areas, with cutting-edge hull design. Advanced hygiene technology protects the health of all on board to the highest standards, and includes air conditioning with UV sanitization systems.

All three ships have Polar Class notations of PC5 (SH Minerva and SH Vega) and PC6 (SH Diana) – the highest classifications awarded to ice-strengthened hulls – and are all equipped with extra-large stabilizers, which provide excellent motion control to make your travels as smooth as possible.

Our ships safe return to port design (SRtP) includes separate engine rooms and a secondary bridge. This means that in an emergency, guests and crew can safely remain on board as the ship returns to port under her own power.

This innovative combination of technology and design means we can safely take you to the most remote, inaccessible places on Earth in style and comfort.