One thing we’ve discovered over the years is that our inquisitive, like-minded passengers share a thirst for knowledge. Sound familiar? Well, you’ll be pleased to hear we always select our lecturers and guest speakers with this in mind. We choose experienced people who give engaging and stimulating talks on a wide range of subjects that are relevant to the places we visit…


Our guest lecturers have a wealth of specialist knowledge, which helps you fully embrace the amazing destinations you travel to with Swan Hellenic. Each lecture offers interesting insights into the destinations you’re visiting – think history, culture, flora, wildlife – and this really helps you get the most from your time with us. Plus, briefings before each disembarkation, and recaps afterwards, enhance our lectures and talks, encouraging everyone to share their experiences in a fun, friendly atmosphere.


We’ve been inviting exclusive guest speakers to join us on our voyages since we pioneered expedition cruising back in the '50s, and we’re still just as passionate about selecting the right people now. Available throughout your journey, our friendly lecturers are around to bring their specialist knowledge to your adventures wherever you go, and whatever you do! Exploring side-by-side, you’ll discover things together, creating unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever.