Satisfy your curious travel mind and read about our upcoming expedition seasons.

Chopra: Explore & Restore 2024

Inspired by the healing properties of the sea, Explore & Restore is an extraordinary new program of transformative well-being voyages in partnership with Chopra, a leading integrative health company founded by world-renowned pioneer Dr. Deepak Chopra. Embark on a special journey, designed to rejuvenate and nurture, unlock your purpose, and bring you closer to the wonders of life.

Arctic 2024

A land of extremes, the vast and wild Arctic sounds the ultimate call to adventure. The remote Svalbard archipelago is the domain of the polar bear, whilst the Inside Passage is home to cautionary tales of explorers’ past. Iceland’s vast ice sheets and bubbling lava flows continue to shape this ever-evolving land, and Viking folklore lives and breathes in remote communities of the idyllic Norwegian fjords.

Maris 2024 - Fine-dining Cruise Experience

As you discover the planet’s wonders, join us on a parallel journey as we explore a world of flavour with MARIS. Indulge in gastronomic excellence with our gourmet cuisine, carefully created by our internationally renowned JRE chefs. Combining local flavours, culture, tradition and exceptional talent, our MARIS cruises offer the opportunity to experience your destination in high definition.

SETI 2024 - Science Research Cruise Experience

Truly ‘Go Beyond’ with our collection of SETI Institute-partnered cruises. We’ll have several renowned SETI Institute scientists join us as guest speakers on selected voyages - providing expert insights into the latest discoveries in astronomy, astrophysics, astrobiology, and planetary science. They’ll also provide an insight into their work and demonstrate how their research is carried out aboard the ship.

Western Europe, Mediterranean & the Red Sea 2024

In the company of world-renowned experts, explore the remains of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires that once ruled the countries of the Mediterranean. Discover North Africa’s complex past and its buzzing modern-day cosmopolitan cultures. All the while enjoying the world-famous cuisine, favorable weather and warm hospitality synonymous with modern Med life.

Africa 2024

Immerse yourself in the deep-rooted traditions and diverse cultures of some of Africa’s least explored ports, cities and islands. This is a destination for true explorers where even the most seasoned of travellers can expect to stumble upon the unexpected at every turn – from Senegal’s buzzing nightlife and Togo’s historical Voodoo Market to Ghana’s lush rainforests, home to some of Africa’s most iconic megafauna.

Antarctica 2024/2025

Antarctica is not just one of Earth's most exceptional wildlife sanctuaries, teeming with penguins, seabirds, and marine marvels; it's also a realm of awe-inspiring landscapes and rich historical narratives. Enormous tabular icebergs drift past, glacier fronts cascade, and the preserved huts of intrepid explorers stand frozen in time. Embark on hiking, kayaking, Zodiac cruising, and sailing adventures as you immerse yourself in this unparalleled wilderness.

Antarctica 2025/2026

Diverse, unique and undeniably beautiful, Antarctica’s awe-inspiring range of marine wildlife and birds has to be seen to be believed. There’s no other place on Earth where you can witness the majesty of breaching minke and humpback whales, glimpse leopard seals lounging on ice, and watch thousands of penguins nesting in their natural habitat.

Swan Hellenic 2024

A pioneering company for over 70 years, Swan Hellenic creates unique cultural expedition cruises for those who want to explore more. Our passion for adventure has only grown stronger, and today we’re more ambitious than ever. We’ll take you to places unreachable by others and explore Earth’s untold wonders together. Get ready to see what others don’t!