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Explore. Worldwide cultural expeditions.

Every Swan Hellenic cruise is the same today as it always was, combining geographical exploration with cultural and scientific discovery. We don't just take you to explore the most extraordinary places on earth. We bring you the company of like-minded people and renowned experts, who offer eye-opening lectures and are on hand for informal questions and discussion throughout your cruise.

The Kimberley

Discover ancient landscapes on our exceptional 11-day voyage exploring Kimberley, Western Australia’s most sparsely settled northern region. Your journey around this precious coastal wilderness is defined by azure blue seas, tiny islands, fjordlands and extraordinary high tides. Inland, Aborignal art daubs towering sandstone cliffs and caves, while the scraggy eucalypt savannah is home to crocodiles and rock wallabies.

Antarctica. Or the footsteps of explorers past?

The ice-blanketed landscape once explored by legends like Shackleton and Amundsen has an otherworldly allure. Panoramic views afforded from our ships make appreciating its beauty – and spotting penguins and whales in its waters – a unforgettable experience. What wonders will you discover in the vast reaches of this unique destination?

Mediterranean Cultural Expedition Cruises

Swan Hellenic’s first cultural cruise dropped anchor in the Mediterranean back in 1908. And over a century later, we are thrilled to be embracing the spirit of curiosity and discovery initiated by those first adventurers. Today our guests can explore the antiquity and beauty of this incredible region aboard our small yet stylish 5-star cultural cruise ship in the company of world-renowned regional specialists.

Island worlds a world apart

The lands and islands of the Asia Pacific region have been calling the hearts of brave and curious adventurers since maritime exploration began.

This is a place of contrast and wonder. New Zealand’s pristine and majestic landscape is punctuated with volatile volcanoes and fierce thermal springs. The thousands of remote islands that are spread across the South Pacific have evolved in isolation for many years, resulting in some of the most incredible and biodiverse habitats on the planet.