Discover diverse societies and ancient worlds on a voyage like no other…

What Awaits You

Explore Latin America with Swan Hellenic and you’ll be following in the footsteps of adventurers and conquistadors. Ready to immerse yourself in vibrant cultures, get close to captivating wildlife, and experience breathtaking natural beauty? No matter where your adventures take you, this enchanting region is sure to leave you with memories you’ll treasure forever.

Spellbinding cultures

Travel through this spectacular region with Swan Hellenic, and you’ll encounter diverse cultures and intriguing traditions. Delve into the wonders of civilizations like the Mayans, Incas, Nazca, and Mapuche. Visit charming coastal settlements, discover amazing architecture, and learn about fascinating local history. Head into the Darien Jungle to meet the indigenous Emberá, the world’s most remote people. Learn about the Aztatlán culture at Xihuacan, a vast archaeological site with pyramids and temples. Or explore the atmospheric ghost town of Humberstone, an abandoned mining community in Chile. Wherever you go, your Latin American experiences will be unforgettable!

Incredible landscapes

These ancient lands are home to diverse natural wonders and out-of-this-world scenery. From Patagonia’s dramatic fjords and sparkling glaciers, and the lava flows of the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala, to Chile’s Atacama desert with its mysterious sand dunes, and the towering peaks and dramatic volcanoes of the Andes, discovering the beauty here will change the way you see the world. Hike through lush cloud forests, explore dramatic volcanic slopes, relax on stunning beaches, and admire a rugged beauty that’s totally unique to this wonderful region.

Go wild!

No matter where you choose to sail, there’s a whole world of wildlife to watch out for in Latin America. This region has some of the planet’s most diverse species and our onboard experts will be only too happy to help you learn about them. Snorkel with humpback whales in the clear waters off the coast of Mexico. Watch out for the world’s smallest deer, the pudu, on the Chilean island, Isla Mocha. Enjoy a boat tour in Costa Rica and spot monkeys, sloths, tapirs and toucans in their natural habitat. And discover a wealth of amazing birdlife, including Peruvian pelicans, blue-footed boobies, Humboldt penguins, hummingbirds and even the famed Andean condor!

Wonders of the past

Journey with Swan Hellenic, and you’ll discover some of Latin America’s best-preserved archaeological sites. Stroll through the Maya farming village of Joya de Cerén in El Salvador – also known as the 'Pompeii of Central America' – frozen in time by volcanic ash around 600 AD. Explore Antigua’s alluring 16th-century buildings and colonial history. Or maybe investigate the pre-Incan Moche civilization at the El Brujo Archaeological Complex in Peru, with its intriguing friezes, mummified remains and 30-meter-high pyramid. There’s so much to discover in this entrancing region, adventure will call to you wherever you go.