The wellbeing of our beautiful planet is at the core of Swan Hellenic’s beliefs…


At Swan Hellenic, we recognize the world is facing complex challenges, and we are committed to doing everything we can to help preserve it. Our sustainability policies, actions, and alliances are fully compliant with and exceed the United Nations’ global standards. And because our policies extend beyond what is required, our voyages are some of the most sustainable in the world.

We focus on six different areas along with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

- Reducing the environmental footprint of our operations.

- Combatting the causes and mitigating the effects of climate change.

- Conserving the health and biodiversity of our rivers, seas and oceans.

- Helping to preserve the natural beauty and cultures we encounter on our travels.

- Respecting and connecting with the places and communities that host our expedition cruises.

- Providing assistance to educational initiatives in the regions we explore.


Swan Hellenic care passionately about our planet, and are committed to preserving the beauty of the world we explore. We try to achieve this in a number of ways. Whenever possible, we reduce the environmental footprint of our operations, in line with and beyond International Maritime Organization, and Cruise Lines International Association standards. We also aim to protect the ecosystems we encounter, and conserve the integrity of the natural and historical sites we visit. Swan Hellenic try to continually advance diversity, equity and inclusion, and support health, science and creativity. We also join forces with like-minded partners, so we can work together to achieve our sustainability goals. Learn more here.


We encounter dramatic evidence of global heating and climate change on our travels, and this spurs us on to combat their causes and alleviate the effects. Swan Hellenic take extensive climate action in our own operations, and also run dedicated initiatives that enable our guests to join us in contributing to conservation and climate research. Two great examples of this are our partnerships with NASA’s Citizen Science program and The Polar Collective. Learn more here.


As a world leader in cultural expedition cruising, Swan Hellenic is committed to the responsible use of marine resources, and conserving the health and biodiversity of our rivers, seas and oceans. As you’ll have seen in our Responsible Cruising section, we follow stringent policies and use advanced technologies to ensure our voyages leave the waters we explore uncontaminated for future generations. And we also have additional policies, governing sustainable fish and seaborne activities. For instance, all of our expeditions and excursions by Zodiac follow strict biosecurity guidelines. These procedures are used to reduce any impact on the environment to a minimum. We are proud members of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators and the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators, and the guidelines we follow fully comply with their high standards. Learn more here.


Swan Hellenic are passionate about the remote places we explore with our guests, and the unforgettable history, culture, and wildlife that we encounter. So we strive to preserve the beauty of our world for generations to come. As well as the actions we take within our organization, we also team-up with other initiatives to protect the environment. Learn more here.


We build strong connections with the cities and communities we meet on our cultural expedition cruises, and make sure we respect their cultural and environmental heritage. Our Responsible Cruising commitments mean we explore the environments we visit sustainably and respectfully, whether we’re on land or at sea. Learn more here.