Climate Action

Exploring across all 7 continents, we encounter dramatic evidence of global heating and climate change, spurring us on in our actions to combat their causes and mitigate the effects.

We have taken extensive climate action in our own operations as part of our commitment to Responsible Cruising, but also run dedicated initiatives that enable the guests on our Cultural Expedition Cruises to join us in contributing to conservation and climate research in partnership with NASA’s Citizen Science programme and The Polar Collective.

Collecting Cloud Data for Climate Research

Clouds affect how much sunlight is absorbed by the earth and how much heat escapes back into space. By observing and recording cloud cover timed to NASA satellite flyovers, we can help scientists understand how surface and air temperatures are affected by cloud cover, and how clouds respond to climate change.

Guests on our cultural expedition cruises exploring the Antarctic Peninsula, Svalbard Archipelago and Greenland are accompanied to the top deck twice a day by their designated expedition guide when the satellite is passing over. They are then guided to use the NASA Globe Observer App to upload Cloud Observations and Atmospheric Measurements during each 10–15-minute session.

NASA’s citizen science projects are collaborations between scientists and interested members of the public. Through these collaborations, volunteers known as citizen scientists have helped make thousands of important scientific discoveries.

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