Arctic Cruises

Explore the northernmost part of Earth on an epic voyage

to the beguiling Arctic region, following in the footsteps of the few intrepid hearts who have reached the top of the world - pioneers, polar scientists and those with insatiable wanderlust. Your once-in-a-lifetime journey on board our powerful polar-class icebreaker towards the Polestar and the midnight sun will be an adventure to join an elite group of people who have traversed these magical, remote frozen waters and ice-covered lands, similar but also different to Antarctica. This is a life goal that you will never forget with extraordinary landscapes from serrated mountain peaks, rich river valleys and narrow fjords to beautiful wildlife including walruses, polar bears and majestic whales.

Join our luxury expedition ship in Nome, a remote frontier town on Alaska’s Seward Peninsula. Located on the Bering Sea this is the departure point for your cruise across the Northeast Passage. The mostly ice-free journey crosses the Bering Strait (51 miles across at its narrowest) between Russia and North America. Nome is the most famous gold rush town in Alaska (the town’s welcome sign is marked on the state’s largest gold pan). Visitors still come to celebrate the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, held each March. At the turn of the last century ‘mushing’ was the only form of transport. Nome has been inhabited by eskimo communities for thousands of years, and is also known for some of the best Eskimo dancing in Alaska. Excursions include mushing, panning for gold on the beaches and trips to the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, which protects a remnant of the Bering Land Bridge that once connected Asia with North America. This wind-swept tundra landscape on America’s western tip is also a haven for wildflowers. Hardy muskoxen and reindeer forage, bear and caribou roam, and the mountain streams provide a freshwater habitat for spawning Wild Alaskan salmon.
This unforgettable polar cruise tracking
the firmament to the Polestar will leave memories that will last a lifetime. A birdwatcher’s paradise, keen-eyed naturalists will see black-legged kittiwakes, black guillemots, ivory and glaucous gulls, and tundra shorebirds including snow bunting, purple sandpiper and Brent goose. Watch closely also for wolves, arctic hare and reindeer that track their prey across the frozen terrain. And while the silvery luminosity of this region can be bewitching, you will see lush tundra with colourful buttercups, yellow poppies and rockfoil. In the cerulean waters, grey, bowhead, white, humpback and minke whales plus ringed, spotted and bearded seals, sea lions and lumbering long-tusked walrus swim. While high above, peregrine falcons, Arctic tern and skuas circle, beak to heel. From hardy muskoxen foraging and bears roaming to Wild Alaskan salmon leaping, this sometimes harsh landscape is a celebration of some of the most enchanting wildlife on earth.
An expedition trip to the spectacular Arctic
is very much a moving adventure in an emotional and real sense. This is an extraordinary encounter with a region of intertwining elements from Northern Canada and Greenland to Alaska and its constantly shifting parts in the Arctic Ocean and adjacent seas. The one constant in the Arctic is change. You will witness a wilderness where preserved mammoth remains have been found in the boggy tundra permafrost, pacific walruses bellow, snowy owls swoop and Arctic foxes jump through wildflowers. Your adventure will be enriched by our wildlife experts with fascinating presentations to bring your magical environment to life.
As you enter the Arctic Circle and the most northern of the five major circles
of latitude on our ice-strengthened expedition vessel, designed both for speed, comfort and manoeuvrability, a region of dramatic scenery unfolds. Snow-capped mountains and unique landforms from fjords to monumental cirques come into view; a destination of raw beauty that was only recently fully-charted by navigators from the last century. The Midnight Sun, Polar Night and Northern Lights of yellow, red and violet that fill the sky are only matched by the audio fireworks on a cruise where you’ll hear the sound of a thousand seabirds, seals bark and walruses growl, whistle and produce bell-like rings below water. However you choose to experience the Arctic, this is a miraculous and ever-changing destination that will leave you changed forever, too
Our Cruise Itineraries
Southern Greenland Discovery
Embark on an unforgettable journey through the dramatic landscapes of the North Atlantic on this expedition cruise. Begin in Canada's charming maritime region, sailing from vibrant Halifax to Saint John's and historic L'Anse-aux-Meadows. Next, we'll discover Greenland's traditional ways of life and striking landscapes, visiting the picturesque towns of Qaqortoq, Narsarsuaq, and Aappilattoq — marvel at the raw beauty of Prins Christian Sund and Skjoldungen's icy wilderness. Finally, relax at sea before experiencing Iceland’s iconic contrasting landscapes – the beautiful and historical Westfjords region and sleek, modern Reykjavik.
Iceland in Depth

Experience the wild and fantastic landscapes of Iceland - the land of fire and ice - on our boutique ship. Circumnavigate the geologically active island, accompanied by breaching whales, to see the puffin capital of the world. Along the way, we will discover the phenomena of fjords, spectacular waterfalls and neverending volcanic scenery. Discover Iceland’s oldest houses and meet locals who are proud of their traditional heritage such as fishing or eiderdown making. Book our Iceland Circumnavigation cruise so you can hike to thundering waterfalls, duck under the spray of spouting hot geysers, spot Atlantic puffins and trek across remote locations where only arctic fox live.

High Arctic of Svalbard

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime on exploring the remote and rarely visited High Arctic. Begin your voyage in the enchanting city of Tromsø. Under the soft glow of the midnight sun, navigate through the isolated wilderness of Bear Island, and immerse yourself in the extraordinary, icy landscapes of the Svalbard archipelago – where the polar bear is king. Marvel at the immense size of the glacial Monacobreen, listen to the clamoring bird cliffs at Alkefjellet, and take in the breathtaking vistas of Svingeldalen. We'll cruise around Cape Lee and Dolerittneset before venturing to Koefoedodden on Hopen Island. Returning to Norway, we will stop in the quaint village of Honningsvåg, the iconic North Cape, before journeying to Alta – 'the city of the Northern Lights’ and concluding back where it all began – Tromsø.