Discover an awe-inspiring place full of secrets and surprises…

What Awaits You

There’s nowhere else on Earth quite like Antarctica. You’ll find sailing through the world’s seventh continent with Swan Hellenic is a voyage like no other. Dramatic coastlines, breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, and the beautiful wildlife here combine to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will stay with you forever.

Welcome to Antarctica

Cruise to the White Continent and youll fall in love with this unforgettable frozen land. Whether youre relaxing on board your 5-star boutique ship or exploring  ashore, your adventures in this special place will touch you forever. Sail through crystal clear fjords, glide past giant icebergs and glaciers, discover Antarcticas rich history of explorers, whalers, and scientists, and youll feel a bond with the natural world that grows stronger every day.

Connect with nature

Antarctica is a wonderful place to connect with the natural world. Picture yourself on your boutique expedition ship as it passes free-floating icebergs, soaring mountaintops, and giant glaciers. What will you watch out for first? Kelp gulls flying close by? Breaching humpback whales? Adélie penguins waddling on shore? Or maybe leopard seals happily snoozing on nearby ice? Antarctica is home to all sorts of spectacular wildlife, and your polar cruise will leave you feeling closer to nature than ever before.

Your bespoke voyage

With Swan Hellenic, no two trips to this magical destination are ever the same. Youll visit amazing, remote places alongside expert guides, and this icy wonderland is full of surprises. You never know what to expect from Antarcticas wildlife, and the landscape here is ever-changing. However, one thing you can expect on your ocean odyssey with Swan Hellenic, is comfort and impeccable service

Antarctic dreams

Exploring Antarctica is a totally unique experience. Where else will glistening, wind-carved snow surround you as you watch busy gentoo penguins in their natural habitat? Where else can you race through icy waters in a Zodiac boat, past towering glaciers and creaking icebergs? Where else can you walk around snowy islands, taking in majestic views and making discoveries with expert polar guides? Antarctica is like no place you’ve visited before, and your cruise here is sure to leave you with special memories you’ll never forget.