Antarctic Cruises

Discover the extraordinary wilderness of Antarctica on
an epic once-in-a-lifetime expedition in sophisticated elegance

From mesmerising icebergs and dramatic glaciers to glassy fjords and mountain peaks, your journey around the White Continent will enthral and amaze both on board and ashore.

Magnificent albatrosses accompany you through this pristine environment, while the complete silence is broken up by hooting penguins. Get up close to lounging seals, admire unique birdlife, breaching whales, and visit historic sites accompanied by polar experts. This is like no place you’ve visited before but a place worth visiting along with the Arctic. We have created a blog piece to answer all your questions about Antarctica. 

For those taking Antarctica cruises from Argentina, Ushuaia is the gateway to the White Continent. Located in Argentina's Patagonia region the city is found at the southernmost tip of South America and is often described as “The End of the World”. The city’s mountain backdrop rises above the harbour and entrance to the Beagle Channel. In 1832, Captain Robert Fitzroy stopped here with a young Charles Darwin on board the HMS Beagle. It was during this time that Darwin spent time in the Tierra del Fuego and began to develop his theories that would ultimately surface in his seminal work The Origin of the Species. The town itself is easily walkable, has a couple of small museums, a handful of upmarket hotels and plenty of pubs, restaurants and cafes. This is a good place to try local fresh fish and Patagonian lamb cooked over open fire pits. Visitors can indulge in some last-minute shopping for outdoor gear or camera equipment, or spotting penguins, rock cormorants and sea lions in the Beagle Channel. For the landlubber Ushuaia is a springboard to the hiking trails of Tierra del Fuego National Park and the Martial Glacier. In and around Patagonia there are opportunities for horse riding, whale watching, overnighting on a ranch (estancia) and observing a glacier at Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. Unless you are planning on day trips to the nearby parks, one or two nights in Ushuaia to recover from your flight and to acclimatise pre- and/or post-cruise is more than enough.
Punta Arenas
The sleepy port city of Punta Arenas (another city at the end of the world) sits at the tip of Chile's southernmost Patagonia region. Cruise passengers embark at Punta Arenas for cruises through the archipelago’s scenic fjords to Cape Horn, or to Magdalena Island for penguins and Marta Island for sea lions, while hikers can take excursions to the national park Torres del Paine and to the Magallanes National Park, both recognised for their spectacular wilderness. The Strait of Magellan connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and separates the South American mainland from the Tierra del Fuego archipelago. Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan sailed through the Strait of Magellan on his circumnavigation of the globe in the early 16th century, and you can learn more at the Museo Nao Victoria featuring a life-size replica of one of his galleons. The city’s history is a fascinating mix of indigenous culture and inland sheep farming, interwoven with maritime history and espionage as its strategic location made it the perfect base for spies to observe the comings-and-goings of the world’s navies.
Buenos Aires
At the centre of Argentina’s cosmopolitan capital known as "The Paris of South America" is the Plaza de Mayo, a tree-lined public square bordered by stately 19th-century buildings including the pink Casa Rosada presidential palace. But this growing metropolis is as much about its neighbourhoods (barrios) and cafe culture as it is about European architecture and grand boulevards. Each district has its own character - none more so than lively La Boca, where tango dancers perform their improvised steps in the streets, especially in the tiny El Caminito. Ships dock into the regenerated Puerto Madero barrio, a waterfront development with upmarket restaurants in former dockland buildings alongside sleek, modern constructions. Be sure to visit the handsome district of Recoleta, famous for its cemetery (Eva “Evita” Peron is buried here), and home to exclusive shops and restaurants. Other classic Buenos Aires experiences include dining at a parilla (steakhouse) with a glass of Argentinian Malbec in hand or shopping for leather gaucho belts.
Immerse yourself in the extraordinary wilderness
of the world’s seventh continent on an epic expedition cruise on board the boutique ice-class ship. Antarctica is a never-to-be-forgotten destination where each day brings moments beyond compare. From icebergs that appear on the horizon like fairytale palaces to icy blue glaciers and soaring mountain peaks, your adventure cruise around the White Continent will enthral and amaze. On board your sumptuous ship you will enjoy superlative service, fabulous fine-dining, and all the luxury amenities one would expect of a five-star cruise. In between magical trips ashore there will be opportunities to immerse yourself in fascinating enrichment presentations given by our wildlife experts in our research lab.
We offer stylish spaces
to socialise, relax or or enjoy precious private moments, as you take in the vistas of this magical destination through floor-to-ceiling windows. From the comfort of your cabin or the ship’s cleverly placed viewing areas and our Swan's nest observation deck, you will get a chance to admire magnificent bird life and spot leopard seals snoozing on the ice. Your journey on our Antarctic cruise takes in the Drake Passage, unmissable penguins on King George Island in the South Shetland Islands and the spectacular iceberg-filled Weddell Sea on your way to the Antarctic Peninsula. Keep an eye out for breaching whales, impressive albatrosses and several types of seal that inhabit this icy environment.
Coming ashore to these remote islands by Zodiac
as you connect with nature and marvel at waddling penguins, marine birds and other captivating wildlife, is an experience you will never forget. Our expert polar guides will walk with you along beaches where elephant seals bask and “burp” and around snowy islands draped in virgin snow. There will also be opportunities to walk up gentle slopes for breathtaking views of this wondrous, unspoilt landscape. However you choose to spend your day one thing is guaranteed… This unforgettable polar cruise will leave memories that will last a lifetime.
Our Cruise Itineraries
Long Arc to Antarctica

Head to beautiful ice-filled waters where magnificent icebergs creak, penguins
roost in their thousands and breaching minke and humpback whales swim
gracefully by on a 18-day Falkland Islands & Antarctic Peninsula cruise in the
comfort of a boutique expedition ship. Kick off your intrepid voyage in Argentina’s
buzzing cosmopolitan capital, Buenos Aires and wander the intriguing barrios.
Your journey to the White Continent continues via the island communities of The
Falklands before heading to the frozen Antarctic Peninsula where you discover
mesmerising icy scenes. After a couple of weeks of polar exploration, you pull into
Ushuaia at the bottom of the world, where you will have experienced the awe-
inspiring beauty of some of the planet’s most unique landscapes.

Antarctic Peninsula Discovery

This voyage takes you across Drake Passage straight to the frozen Antarctic Peninsula - where you'll discover mesmerizing icy wonders like the Gerlache Strait and exceptionally beautiful Antarctic Sound. Step ashore and get up close and personal with the local penguins for that perfect photo opportunity. Journey alongside polar specialists and share in their vast knowledge of these isolates regions. 

Weddell Sea Discovery
Sail deep into Antarctica’s furthest reaches on this adventure of a lifetime. The ice on the Weddell Sea is too thick to navigate for most of the year, so only the lucky few get to experience this phenomenal corner of Antarctica. Watch massive tabular icebergs float past and stay on the lookout for emperor penguins – a rare sight on any other Antarctic cruise. Steeped in polar history - it was in the Weddell Sea that Ernest Shackleton’s ship, Endurance, became trapped in the ice, giving rise to one of the most remarkable survival and rescue stories of our time. Take your Antarctica exploration to the next level on this truly unforgettable voyage.