What to Expect


With over 70 years navigating the world’s waters, Swan Hellenic’s passion for expedition cruising is second to none. So you can travel with us knowing you’ll get to explore far-flung places and experience special, one-of-a-kind adventures in the company of our exclusive onboard experts. Over the years we’ve developed a deep knowledge of the world, which helps us create our unique cultural experiences. We’ll take you to some of the most remote, inaccessible places on Earth, where you’ll be immersed in rich, diverse cultures, ancient sites, and fascinating civilisations.


Crafted over 70 years, our itineraries offer a unique fusion of historical wonders and architectural delights. Plus, our onboard experts will enrich your expedition experiences with incredible stories and unmatched knowledge of the places we visit. Prepare to discover the mysteries of legendary civilisations, trace the footsteps of illustrious leaders, and explore iconic landmarks. From perfectly preserved Roman towns, and Viking burial mounds, to Gothic cathedrals and ancient temples, we visit extra-special places that have intrigued curious travellers for centuries.


Wherever you want to go, Swan Hellenic have you covered. From the Arctic to Antarctica, and Africa to Latin America – our unique voyages will take you to remote destinations and rarely-visited places most people only ever dream of seeing…


The wonders of the natural world really come alive on a Swan Hellenic cruise. The Scandinavian inspired design on board our boutique ships offers dramatic, panoramic views, and oceans of outside space – meaning you’re fully immersed in the sights and scenery of your voyage, and nature is never far away.