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Unspoilt Wilds of Southwest Africa

SH Vega
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Leaving from Angola, this incredible voyage takes you along the Atlantic coast to Ghana, stopping at some of the least-visited parts of Africa. Experience pristine, biodiverse shorelines that harbor volcanic islands, mangrove forests, rainforests, and lagoons. Look out for elephants, lowland gorillas, leopards, hippos and chimpanzees as you explore. And meet the people of West Africa, diving deeper into cultures where voodoo is a state religion.

Trip Highlights

Sample traditional cuisine and get to know the Congolese locals at Grand Marché market
Learn about conservation efforts in Congo’s biodiverse Conkouati Reserve
Keep an eye out for forest elephants and buffalos, lowland gorillas and chimpanzees in Gabon’s South Loango National Park
Sneak a peek at animal skins, skulls and talismans in the world’s oldest voodoo market


Day 1
As Angola emerges from colonial rule and a long Civil War, its capital, Luanda, is evolving into a forward-looking city with a rich heritage. Landmarks include Gustave Eiffel's Iron Palace and the 16th-century São Miguel Fortress. Luanda's historic upper town, Cidade Alta, features pink colonial buildings, the Presidential Palace and ministerial houses. Ilha do Cabo shows Luanda's modern side with trendy seaside restaurants and bars.
Day at sea
Day 2
Days at sea are the perfect chance to relax, unwind and do whatever takes your fancy. So whether that is going to the gym, visiting the spa, trying to spot a whale from the deck, reading a chapter or two, or simply topping up your tan, these blue sea days are the perfect balance to the green days spent exploring on land.
Day 3-5
The Republic of Congo’s second city, Pointe-Noire, unfolds as a piece of French Africa with distinct European and African quarters. Strolling through the lively La Cité reveals traditional Congolese cuisine and the vibrant Grand Marché, providing a glimpse into local life. Waterfront restaurants line Côté Sauvage, a laid-back city beach. Beyond the city limits is the stunning Diosso Gorge, a natural canyon in hues of pink, red and orange.
Mayonami, Nyanga River
Day 6
The traditional Gabonese village of Mayonomi sits among mangroves along the Nyanga river. The fishing village serves as a base for exploring the rainforests and mangroves. Gliding along the river in a pirogue (a type of long, narrow canoe made from a single tree trunk), visitors might get a chance to glimpsing local life and see wildlife along the banks such as birds, monkeys and maybe even a manatee.
Day at sea
Day 7
Sea days are rarely dull. Take the time to sit back and let the world go by. The ship’s observation decks provide stunning views of the passing ocean. A day at sea gives you the opportunity to mingle with other passengers and share your experiences of this incredible trip or head to our library which is stocked full of reference books. Get an expert’s view in one of our on-board lectures or perhaps perfect your photography skills with invaluable advice from our onboard professional photographers.
Libreville, Baie des Tortues
Day 8
Libreville captivates with a blend of French colonial heritage and lively African energy. Along the palm-lined waterfront promenade, vibrant markets and fresh seafood stalls exude an intoxicating vitality. The National Museum unveils Gabon's rich history and culture. A short boat ride away, the island-dotted Baie des Tortues reveals a serene natural sanctuary. Mangrove forests form an intricate green maze, home to exotic birdlife and monkeys.
Sao Tome, Sao Tome
Day 9
Sao Tome, the Gulf of Guinea's largest volcanic isle, is a tropical idyll with rainforests, beaches and waterfalls. São Tomé city features 15th-century Portuguese architecture and a slave trade history. Rainforests blanket two-thirds of the island, sheltering wildlife like monkeys, birds and reptiles and São Tomé Peak, reaching 2,024 m, provides refuge for island bird species like the ibis and grosbeak.
Sundy Praia Lodge, Principe Island
Day 10
The Sundy Praia resort on Principe Island is surrounded by tropical forest with abundant birdsong. Guest amenities include a pool with daybeds and a bar area in earth tones offset by bright cushions. The on-site spa provides treatments using locally-sourced organic products. With its own private beach, Sundy Praia provides a secluded island retreat amidst a scenic natural setting.
Day at sea
Day 11
Today as you sail, you’ll bask in the endless comforts of your ship. From the deck, marvel at the dramatic sea views. Relax with a nurturing facial treatment or massage in the spa or delve into the ship’s learning resources. Or, simply take refuge in your cabin and enjoy the opportunity to rest.
Day 12
Benin’s vibrant port city is defined by voodoo (the state religion) and its colonial legacy. As a former French colony, Cotonou retains a certain European flair in its cuisine and architecture. The sprawling Dantokpa market, with local crafts and an entire section of sacred voodoo items, offers insights into local culture. Ganvie, a lakeshore village, is the world’s only town on stilts with bamboo houses, where residents get around in canoes.
Day 13
Voodoo traditions, colonial history and beautiful beaches: Togo’s capital city, Lome, is awash with history and culture. The National Museum's exhibits - pottery, masks and art - reflect Togo's rich heritage. Akodessewa Fetish Market is filled with voodoo talismans and animal skins, offering insights into traditional customs. Colonial relics include the German-built Sacred Heart Cathedral and the 1960 Independence Monument.
Tema (Accra)
Day 14
Tema is a short drive from Ghana’s fast-paced capital, Accra, a city that's culturally rich, modern and historic all at once. European-built forts and Black Star Independence Square’s public monuments offer a glimpse at the past. The neighbourhood of Jamestown, a 17th-century fishing community with old colonial buildings, is its pulse with an art scene and local bites like waakye­ – rice and beans with sides – at a low-key ‘chop bar’.


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