Citizen Science

Citizen Science Programme

At Swan Hellenic we recognise that exploring the planet’s polar regions is a rare privilege. These ecologically sensitive parts of the world are being presented with huge challenges in the face of climate change. Scientific research here is crucial, not just for the future of these regions, but for the future of the planet. However, the polar regions are difficult and expensive for scientists to access, which can limit this essential research.

This is where Citizen Science comes in.

Travellers, just like our Swan Hellenic guests, make up most of the human presence in the Arctic and Antarctica every year. Our guests are conscientious explorers with a desire to give back to these very special environments. This presents an opportunity for the scientific community, Swan Hellenic and our guests:

  • Scientists travel to the polar regions with us aboard our expedition cruise ships. Utilising our onboard Expedition Laboratory, scientists also engage our guests in their ongoing research.
  • Our extensive onboard lecture programme incorporates the work being carried out in the Expedition Laboratory, reinforcing the information with first-hand experience
  • Our guests get hands-on polar region research experience, deepening their understanding and appreciation of the area

Expedition Laboratory

Our guest scientists work from our own mini laboratory while they are travelling with us. Guests are welcome to interact with them and learn more about the environments that they are exploring.

Library and expedition office

Guests can follow up on their learnings in our onboard library which contains a large selection of scientific literature.