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See What Others Don't With Swan Hellenic

If you are looking to experience the remote Polar regions or explore truly off-the-beaten path destinations and cultures of our spectacular planet, then you are in great company. Swan Hellenic exists to provide its guests with authentic, intimate and unforgettable moments in extraordinary locations and remote landmarks. All the while enjoying a sophisticated elegant atmosphere onboard.

Swan Hellenic is an established, well respected owner-operated heritage brand with more than 7 decades of expertise in undiscovered destinations.


To Be The World Leader In Cultural Expedition Cruising

70 years after its first pioneering cruise, Swan Hellenic is proud to return to the world’s waters with two brand new expedition ships. The hardware will be cutting edge but the core values that underpinned the brand and served its guests so well from its inception remain in place.  As does the passion for exploratory travel to the globe’s furthest far flung places.

The ships will be built in the Helsinki shipyard in Finland and will combine the latest polar ice-class technology with stylish sophisticated interiors. Think boutique luxury hotel with contemporary sophistication! Which we call ‘Scandi-luxe’ Chic, spacious and well-planned cabins feature generously sized bathrooms, comfortable in-room dining facilities and unobstructed views from cabins and public spaces. The intention is to provide an unobtrusive relaxing background that allows guests to be fully immersed in breathtaking sceneries.

Understated elegance might be another way of phrasing what awaits a Swan Hellenic guest.

At the very heart of our brand is the onboard team with our guests’ personal wellbeing their foremost priority. Delivering superior service, our warm and friendly crew will do their utmost to ensure the trip of a lifetime. Every time.

The expedition programme will offer immersive exclusive bucket list experiences for the discerning traveller with a curious mind. Our innovative itineraries are meticulously planned and executed by world-class experts.

In the Arctic unique possibilities include in the exploration Siberian Island like Franz Josef, Lyakhovsky Islands and in addition Siberian rivers. In fact, we will be offering the exclusive opportunity to explore the Yenisei river, a real gem rich of natural wonders and orthodox communities from another time. The best guest speakers and lecturers in the business will be enriching our guests on board every day providing unique insights into the places, people and nature of our journeys.

Ship Features At A Glance
Oceans Of Outdoor Space
Oceans Of Outdoor Space

Our ship design offers vast amounts of accessible outdoor space, allowing our guests to be at one with nature at all times.

Modern International Delicacies
Modern International Delicacies

Swan Hellenic’s plethora of dining options provide guests with an appetite for global flavours.

The Expedition Lab
The Expedition Lab

Our state-of-the-art lab ensures guests capture every moment from their once-in-a-lifetime trip. 

Sauna With A View
Sauna With A View

Relax and revive in the sauna, outdoor pool or jacuzzi whilst savouring the passing scenery.

Welcome To Basecamp
Welcome To Basecamp

For expeditions ashore, there is a heated concierge managed changing room we like to call Basecamp.

Why book with Swan Hellenic?

Over 70 years of cruise expertise offering the highest, safety standards in the industry.

New 5 star expedition ships featuring modern Scandinavian inspired design showcasing unobstructed views and oceans of outside space.

Intuitive & unobtrusive service as our onboard team strive to anticipate our guests’ unspoken needs & provide a truly personal service.

Enriching cultural expeditions around the world including unique Russian Far East river & ocean adventures.

Our History

Our story begins in the 1950s when a British travel agent, Swan’s Tours, operated by a father and son (W.F. Swan and R.K. Swan), were invited to organise a tour of the antiquities in Greece. Following its success, a full programme of cruises was developed with writers, academics and clergymen invited to feature as guest lecturers.

A key difference to other commercial cruises was that Swan Hellenic cruises endeavoured never to repeat the same itineraries twice. It also landed frequently at unusual destinations affording guests the opportunity to explore first hand places that at the time remained unknown to the intrepid traveller. Initially these new lands, were primarily the classical sites in the Aegean sea, around the coasts and islands of modern Greece and Turkey.

Over time The Swan Hellenic brand became known for combining bold, intriguing itineraries with expert academic lecturers all the while enjoying a sophisticated on board experience.

Almost 100 years on the compelling mix of cultured luxury and trailblazing experiences continues to inspire our travellers.


Swan Hellenic is committed to environmentally responsible travel and tourism. We are passionate about preserving the pristine waters that we sail in and the magnificent wildlife and habitats that we are privileged to explore. Allowing you to visit the remotest areas without leaving any sign of your visit and without disturbing any  inhabitants. We work hard to reduce our footprint by reusing and recycling as much as possible on board our ships to make our life-changing trips as low impact as possible. We are committing to minimising “single use plastic” products.

The ships are designed to meet the latest requirement in terms of environmental regulations. In addition, the hybrid propulsion and power generation allows the vessels to remain emission free in port and to sail through wildlife sanctuaries just on battery zero emissions.


Our exceptional and authentic experiences are deeply woven into educating, inspiring and empowering our community to protect our environment. Whether it is a trip to …. adventure, our experts are dedicated to keeping all guests informed of how we can act to keep nature pure and unspoiled.

Our vessels have been designed and built in accordance with the latest sustainable practices, extending to the design; fuel, engine and on-board products including no single-use plastic and paperless communications. Electrically-powered back-up batteries allow the ships to silently sail, where necessary and to remain in port emission-free. Sustainable materials are also used in fixtures, fittings and for the ship’s technical equipment.