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Escape to a remote and remarkable part of the world on this fascinating Greenland Discovery voyage. Sail through an intricate fjord system, and discover the pathways of Inuit migrations, Viking ruins, and settlements that are over 4,500 years old. Learn about local traditions against a backdrop of immense mountains and stunning Arctic scenery. And explore UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites and pristine waterways packed with floating icebergs.

Trip Highlights

Learn about the history of the Inuit, Dorset and Thule people from our experts on board
Marvel at the glistening icebergs that crack and calve spectacularly off glaciers into the meltwater
Get your camera ready for large pods of narwhal, playful seal, mighty muskox, arctic foxes and gyrfalcons
Dig into the tumultuous history of the Vikings who made west Greenland their home


Day 1
Reykjavík, despite its small size, is the capital of Iceland. At the top of the town stands the distinctive Hallgrímskirkja church, designed by renowned Icelandic architect Guðjón Samúelsson. The revitalised harbour area features the futuristic Harpa Concert Hall and the Maritime Museum, showcasing the city's cultural heritage A trip to Reykjavík would be incomplete without a visit to the Blue Lagoon, famous for its therapeutic geothermal waters.
Day at sea
Day 2
Sea days are rarely dull. Take the time to sit back and let the world go by. The ship’s observation decks provide stunning views of the passing ocean. A day at sea gives you the opportunity to mingle with other passengers and share your experiences of this incredible trip or head to our library which is stocked full of reference books. Get an expert’s view in one of our on-board lectures or perhaps perfect your photography skills with invaluable advice from our onboard professional photographers.
Day 3
On the craggy east coast of Greenland, the stunningly scenic, U-shaped Skjoldungen Fjord is surrounded by lofty snow-capped mountains, dwarf birch, Arctic wildflowers and willow forests ending with the Thrym Glacier. High rock walls, serpentine rivers and large crevasses of ice pillars known as seracs give way to carved icebergs in the fjord that gleam in a white to blue spectrum. You also have the opportunity to see whales under pure blue skies.
Cruise Prins Christian Sund
Day 4
A beautifully dramatic fjord in the south of Greenland, Prins Christian Sund offers breathtaking vistas of Greenland's icy wilderness. Magnificent glaciers and granite cliffs plunge into crystal-clear waters.Fin, blue and minke whales are a common sight, feeding on the rich krill blooms., while shaggy-coated muskox, polar bears and bearded seals are well-adapted to this harsh Arctic climate.
Day 4
Colourful Nordic houses stand against snow-tipped mountain ridges, encircling Aappilattoq, a remote Inuit village in Greenland. Nestled within the icy wilderness of Prins Christian Sund, accessible by boat or helicopter, Aappilattoq is home to around 100 rugged individuals who make a living through fishing and hunting. Considered the southernmost inhabited area in Greenland, Aappilattoq is in fact at the midpoint of the west and east coasts.
Day 5
The deserted mining town of Ivittuut (formerly Ivigtut) was once vital for WWII aircraft production with the world's largest reserve of cryolite, a mineral that produced aluminium. Abandoned houses, the enormous mine pit and above-ground cemetery reveal the history of this settlement. Scattered cryolite chunks on the rocky shore mix with relics like old engines from when Inuits used cryolite for snuff. Now only muskoxen inhabit this eerie place.
Day 6
Home to more than a third of Greenlanders, the capital of Nuuk has a thriving arts scene. Also known by its Danish name of Godthåb (Good Hope), Nuuk has a busy old Colonial Harbour with Nuuk Cathedral, colourful wooden houses and avant-garde architecture. It also serves as the gateway to Inuit experiences and natural adventures on the fjords among the icy seas and spectacular mountains.
Day 7
The northernmost city in Greenland, just north of the Arctic Circle, Sisimiut remains ice free in winter and is known as an adventure sports hub. Inhabited for more than 4,500 years by the Inuit, Dorset and then Thule people, dog sled remains a common form of transport. Abandoned settlements lie between Sisimiut and the Thule district to the north. The area is home to humpback whales, walrus, and Arctic foxes in their summer coat.
Ilulissat, Disko Bay
Day 8
Sailing through the iceberg capital of the world to Disko Bay, the Ilulissat Icefjord is one of the cruise highlights. Given UNESCO World Heritage Site status, the Ilulissat Icefjord is a popular tourist destination, and thanks to the productive Sermeq Kujalleq glacier, thousands of gargantuan icebergs calve from the Greenland ice cap into the sea. The city of Ilulissat, formerly Jakobshavn or Jacobshaven, is home to as many sled-dogs as people.
Disko Bay
Day 9
Known for its Inuit culture, whales and icebergs, Disko Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Western Greenland. The bay is also home to the Ilulissat Icefjord, one of the fastest-moving glaciers in the world. First visited by Europeans in 1596, in search of a Northwest Passage to Asia, it has been an Inuit home for millennia. The village of Qeqertarsuaq embodies thriving Inuit traditions, preserving the cultural legacy.
Day 10-11
Once a WWII airbase at the head of Kangerlussuaq Fjord, Kangerlussuaq's history is told at the airport’s museum, showcasing Inuit artefacts. This ice-filled glacial area and tundra is a haven for wildlife, including reindeer, arctic foxes, arctic hare, gyrfalcons and around 10,000 muskoxen. Inland, Point 660 offers a chance to walk on the Greenland ice cap, and nearby, the 60-m tall Russell Glacier calving is a highlight.


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