Rest of World Cruises

Embark on your ideal cruise, choosing from a diverse array of destinations – from the South Pacific where the smiles are as big as the horizons to culturally iconic Japan and western Europe.

Experience some of the most beautiful places on earth – unlimited by their relative inaccessibility by air. With 71 per cent of our blue planet covered in water, cruising allows you to step ashore in otherwise difficult-to-reach spots. Follow in the footsteps of inspirational explorers and find your unforgettable in some of the world’s least-visited places like the Sea of Okhotsk or Melanesia. They are sure to be the sites of the greatest adventure you haven’t had yet.

Nothing exemplifies raw, untamed appeal quite like venturing off-the-beaten-track. From Scotland to the Amami Islands and the Guianas to Papua New Guinea, we offer a dreamscape of destinations, no matter your interests. Whether you want a cruise that delves deep in history (both ancient and modern) or one that dives under the ocean at some of the most renowned reefs; if you are irresistibly drawn to the monumental power of volcanoes or long to spot a whale breaching the waves, we have just the journey for you.

Choose from a range of brand-new itineraries such as New Zealand In Depth, during which travellers will enjoy truly unforgettable excursions in the Land of the Long White Cloud which will delight and enrich even the most seasoned traveller. Or Papua New Guinea, Agats & Raja Ampat, which promises luxury and unfettered horizons in Oceania. Guests on this cruise will encounter cerulean seas, remote tribes, and incredible wildlife and marine life.

During our Japan In Depth voyage, guests will journey from neon-lit cities to sacred sites where vermilion torii gates lead to sublime Shinto shrines. In Iceland and the Nordics, you’ll encounter stunning lands forged by fjords and steeped in Viking culture. Feel the pulse and rhythm of vibrant South America or the laid-back beats of the Caribbean.

Follow in the footsteps of pirates and explorers as we cruise the west coast of the Americas. Explore the deep coves and towering glaciers of the Chilean Fjords. Visit the relics of ancient civilisations and search for the world’s rarest and most diverse wildlife. On our South America Discovery itinerary, you’ll meet some of the world’s most remote people and visit the most biodiverse regions on the planet. If sublime white sand beaches, turquoise waters and paradisical living are more your thing, join us as we cruise along the lively Mexican coast. Or fulfil your own American dream on our Historical, Nature & Science Wonders of the US West Coast itinerary as we visit bustling cities, sleepy fishing towns and beautiful National Parks. Join us on an expedition cruise through Alaska’s Inside Passage where our smaller ship allows us to explore the lesser-visited smaller bays and narrows. For those who want to have a unique experience, cruising in the Arctic and Antarctic is also a plan for you to make.

In each destination, you’ll enjoy complete authenticity with a programme of exciting shore excursions during which you can venture deeper. No matter your chosen itinerary, you’ll be in the company of like-minded travellers, while always accompanied by one of the most friendly and knowledgeable teams at sea.
Our Cruise Itineraries
Historic Ports of the Western Seaboard

Leaving the low-lying city of Amsterdam, we follow in the footsteps of sailors, artists and royals, exploring ports along the English Channel, before venturing along the Atlantic coasts of France, Spain and Portugal. This luxury 9-night cruise of Western Europe on board our boutique ship carries you between two European capitals and covers five countries. Along the way, gaze upon Normandy beaches, wander along Gothic ramparts, feast on seafood, and explore a Roman lighthouse. Sit back and enjoy this leisurely voyage taking in fishing villages, fortified medieval towns, ancient port cities and picturesque harbours before arriving in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon.

Mysteries of Carthage and the Moors

Departing Lisbon, settle in for a historical odyssey of Portuguese, Spanish, north African and Italian coastal gems on our 10-night journey Along the North African Coasts aboard our luxury ship. On this specially curated voyage you have time to roam North Africa’s most beguiling souks and medinas. From the French influences of Annaba to Oran’s complex past, Algeria is a land shaped by the many civilisations that ruled here. In Tunisia, explore the remains of the ancient city of Carthage. Conclude this intrepid journey in Sicily, a cultural melting pot offering up centuries of history of Middle Eastern, Northern African and European influences all melded together. 

Secrets of Sicily

Discover history at the heart of the azure-blue Mediterranean on this fascinating 8-night Sicily Highlights with Malta & Lipari cruise on board our luxury small ship. From ancient Greek ruins to the smoking volcano of Mount Etna, Sicily is a wonderful concoction of rich history, culinary delights, vibrant culture and striking natural landscapes. The nearby islands of Lipari, the largest of the Aeolian Islands, and Malta, add more archaeological finds to help unearth the complex histories these lands have witnessed. Join us on board and learn more as we cruise around these alluring islands in the middle of the glistening Mediterranean sea.