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Культурологические экспедиционные круизы

Cultural Expeditions

Discover the heritage and heart of our unforgettable voyages…


Swan Hellenic pioneered cultural expedition cruising back in the '50s, when we accompanied members of the Hellenic Society around ancient Greece in the company of celebrated scholars. Our first groundbreaking trip was so successful, more voyages were developed, and over time, Swan Hellenic became known for combining bold, intriguing journeys, exclusive lecturers, and sophisticated onboard comfort.

Now, over 70 years later, we’re proud to explore the world with the same passion and inquisitiveness, and our compelling mix of geographical exploration, and cultural and scientific discovery, is what continues to inspire our guests.


As well as taking you to unusual, off-the-beaten-track destinations, Swan Hellenic offers the company of like-minded people, and acclaimed experts, who give eye-opening lectures, and are on hand to chat throughout your voyage.

Our onboard experts are renowned in their fields and bring unparalleled knowledge to your adventures. Each moment with us is enriched by real insights into the peoples, cultures, wildlife, flora, geology and geography of each amazing place we visit. Wherever you choose to go, sailing with Swan Hellenic is a voyage of discovery, which is what makes us the first choice of adventurous minds worldwide.