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Shore Excursions T&C

Terms and conditions for shore excursions

For your shore excursions, the following terms and conditions are intended to help you to organize your shore excursions in advance as well as onboard and enjoy them in a well-informed manner. Legally, you are entering into a contract with Swan Hellenic Cruises FZCO (hereinafter referred to as "Swan Hellenic Cruises" or "SWAN HELLENIC") for an agency service (Helping hand / intermediation). SWAN HELLENIC will assist you in booking your shore excursions from third party suppliers.
The below terms and conditions are established to regulate the engagement between guests and Swan Hellenic in detail within specific framework. On our shore excursion booking form you may also find expedition activities that are performed by our expedition team; for this kind of shoreside activities this terms and conditions do not apply. However special waivers must be signed once onboard before taking part to some expedition activities like zodiac tours, kayak and snorkeling.

I. Shore excursion organizers and liability

Swan Hellenic has carefully compiled the excursion program with the collaboration of our renowned agencies in the different destinations. However, the implementation is exclusively in the hands of the local agencies who, as organizers of the Shore excursions program, are the sole contractual partners for the performance of the booked excursions. Swan Hellenic Cruises is merely an agent in order to guarantee the highest level of service and convenience in selecting and booking your desired shore excursions program and is therefore not liable for the implementation and performance of the arranged excursions booked. The type and scope of the liability and accident insurance of the local agencies correspond to the respective local legislation and can therefore vary greatly and also deviate considerably from usual EU insurance standards. Swan Hellenic Cruises only works with local tour operators who can provide evidence of high-quality insurance cover.

II. Bookings

You can book your selected excursions before the start of the cruise or once on board. We would like to point out that some excursions have limited places available and we cannot guarantee availability once on board. We therefore recommend to book with our reservation agents before the start of your trip. Please pay attention to the respective tour’s requirement profiles in terms of footpath and hiking trail lengths, age, weight or height restrictions or a certain level of physical fitness. For some excursions, local operators may require the signing of a special liability form (e.g. snorkeling excursions, zipline tours or ATV rides).

III. Payment of the excursions

All prices are quoted in USD. Payment of the prebooked Shore excursions will be done on board. Please note that some specific tours will require a full payment at upon booking and a 100% cancellation fee will apply after confirmation. You will receive a separate confirmation of your booked shore excursions on your Booking Confirmation and on your Travel Document. The tickets will then be delivered to your cabin. Excursions booked on board will always be charged to your on-board account. The person signing the Excursions Booking Form is the direct contractual partner for all registered persons with all rights and obligations for the co-registered trip participants.

IV. Cancellation/rebooking of excursions

Cancellations or rebooking can be made via your Reservation Agent or on board. Cancellation or rebooking of booked shore excursions can be made free of charge via the Service Center up to 48 hours before departure with the exception of specific tours as specified in the Excursions Booking Form. Cancellations or rebooking on board can be made free of charge within the cancellation deadline indicated in booking form.

V. Minimum and maximum number of participants

For all excursions, a minimum number of participants must be reached. Swan Hellenic Cruises, as agent and the responsible excursion agency as your contractual partner, reserve the right to cancel an excursion if the minimum number of participants is not reached. We will inform you in good time so that you have the opportunity to choose an alternative excursion. The cancelled shore excursion will immediately be taken off your onboard account. The number of participants is limited for some excursions. Confirmation of shore excursion with limited space is done on a base of first arrived first served. Swan Hellenic does it outmost to accommodate all request, but this is not always possible. We therefore strongly recommend that you book your favorite excursions in advance. If the selected tour will not be available our team will be happy to assist you and advise on alternatives.

VI. Children

Children under two years of age may participate in the excursions free of charge, but are not entitled to a seat. In these cases, participation is at the parents' and guardians' own risk and responsibility. By law, each head should have a seat assigned. From the age of 2 to 11, there are child discounts on almost all excursions.
However, on certain excursions a minimum age is required in order to participate for safety reasons. You will find information on this in the detailed tour description.

VII. Services

All transport services, sightseeing, guided tours and entrance fees are included in the price of all excursions, unless otherwise stated in the program by the local organizer. Meals with drinks and/or food - if provided - will be indicated by the local organizer in the program. Please note that meals are often selected according to local conditions and therefore often represent regional cuisine and specialties. This way you will get to know the country and its people authentically. Please note that the quality and selection of food and drinks may differ from the known standard and offer on board.

VIII. Observance of local customs and regulations

Our excursions programs offer a variety of opportunities to experience a foreign culture at first hand. In some countries it is customary to visit local markets or bazaars as part of organized excursions. This is just as much a part of getting to know the culture as the opportunity to purchase souvenirs with the help of your tour guide. Please meet the local people with an open mind and respect their customs and traditions. This applies in particular to clothing appropriate to the religion and cultural expectations of the host country.

IX. Tour guide and careful selection of means of transport

The local organizer makes every effort to provide suitable local tour guides for all excursions, although in some destinations they are not available at all or not in sufficient numbers. In this respect, your expectation should take into account the local conditions. The transport and the chosen buses and other means of transport and vehicles correspond to the respective country standard. The local organizer will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. Your local tour guides are, always happy to receive your praise and suggestions - and, if you were particularly satisfied with the service, also a tip.

X. Climate and clothing

For information on the local climate, please refer to the Travel Guide as well as the excursion descriptions and please note the weather report in your on-board TV. In any case, you should have a jacket or jumper in your luggage, as buses and buildings are often air-conditioned, especially in warm regions.

XI. Health advice

The general health advice and recommendations in the current SWAN HELLENIC Travel Guide apply to the excursion destinations. Be particularly careful with ice cubes, drinking water, heat-sensitive food and when bathing in unfamiliar waters, in the sea as well as in inland waters. if you plan to swim during an excursions you should avoid consuming alcohol and a full meal. Where lifejackets or similar buoyancy aids are provided for an activity as a precaution, they must be worn at all times. Be aware that the sea is unpredictable. Lifeguards are not always present, and there may be beaches or bathing areas where no flag or other system indicates whether or not it is safe to enter the water. In addition, various excursion activities on the beach are not supervised or accompanied, so make sure yourself that you stay in safe areas while on the beach. Children must always be supervised by you when on excursions, especially where there is water nearby.

XII. Guests with Individual Impairments

Please understand that not all excursions are suitable for guests with limited mobility or individual impairments. Some tours require a minimum level of fitness or athleticism. Some excursions have weight or height restrictions due to local safety regulations. This will be pointed out to you in the individual excursion descriptions. Especially if you are wheelchair-bound, have difficulty walking or are pregnant, you should not overdo it. Our excursion advisors on board will be happy to advise you individually on which excursions are suitable for you. Wheelchair users in particular should have a companion with them, as the tour guides of the local tour operators cannot guarantee assistance during the excursions. On each cruise, guests with individual impairments are given specific advice on suitable excursion programs.

Please also note that alcohol or drug consumption as well as the intake of medication which can lead to dizziness, circulatory problems or impaired reactions can endanger your participation in the booked excursions. Please note that immediate access to medical assistance may not be guaranteed during the excursion, which may lead to a situation that endangers your health.
By booking an excursion, you guarantee to the local tour operator that you are physically and mentally fit to participate in the tour as advertised and in accordance with the requirements profile.

XIII. Caring for the Environment

SWAN HELLENIC is committed to the protection of the environment and species in the destinations visited. The souvenir purchase of corals, shells, stuffed animals, turtle shells and articles made of snakeskin or other protected species will land you in legal trouble. The import and export of such souvenirs and products is prohibited under the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. When leaving the country, you risk confiscation and heavy fines. Waste belongs in rubbish containers or should be taken back on board.

XIV. Changes to services

The safety of the participants and a smooth running of the advertised excursion are the top priority for the local organizer. For this reason, the local organizers expressly reserve the right to change or replace individual program points and times of the excursion without prior notice. This also includes excluding participants without reimbursement both before the start of the excursion and during the excursion if their behavior poses a danger to the participant him/herself or could endanger the safety and well-being of the group. The local organizers expressly reserve the right to exclude such participants from the excursion before it begins or if it is later determined that they are unsuitable in terms of the physical requirements and to return them to the ship at their expense.

SWAN HELLENIC accepts no liability whatsoever for the performance of the excursions only arranged. Any disruption in performance or any damage or injury must be clarified exclusively with your direct contractual partner, the local organizer, and a complaint must be lodged with the latter. As an agent, SWAN HELLENIC expressly rejects any liability beyond the scope of an erroneous mediation in the agency relationship, irrespective of the legal grounds.

The local organizer is solely responsible for the implementation and performance of the excursions as your contractual partner for the respective shore excursions. However, the local organizers cannot guarantee that the excursion will be carried out as advertised, as events occurring at short notice may affect the safety, feasibility or quality of the excursion. Please note that the information on the program of a tour is approximate. Depending on local conditions, public holidays and seasonal peculiarities as well as the traffic situation in the destination area, the tour itineraries may also deviate significantly from the original description without this entitling you to any warranty claims.

XV. Insurance cover

The liability and accident insurance cover provided by the local tour operators is in accordance with local legislation, the liability limits of which may differ considerably from known EU standards. We therefore strongly recommend that you make use of the travel insurance cover offered by our partner insurance companies and book a complete cover package there in order to be protected in the best possible way abroad even in the event of an accident. You will find the offers on the current SWAN HELLENIC website.

XVI. For your personal safety

Please do not leave your personal belongings unattended or on the excursion bus. Expensive jewelry or a valuable wristwatch should remain on board, as should valuable camera or film equipment in accordance with the Swan Hellenic Cruises Terms and Conditions and the General Conditions of Carriage. Please also follow the advice of your local tour guide and avoid large gatherings of people or crowds. For your own safety, you should always carry a small amount of cash.

XVII. Unaccompanied youth on excursion

Special conditions apply depending on age: Up to the age of 18, participation is only possible in the company of an adult, who must be nominated by a legal guardian. Accompaniment/supervision cannot be provided by SWAN HELLENIC staff, the local tour guide or other excursion participants. The local tour operators reserve the right to impose a different minimum age for participation on some excursions. Should this be the case, we will point this out separately in the excursion description. We ask for your understanding that all stated age limits are binding and that exceptions are generally not possible for safety reasons.

XVIII. Applicable Law

Your agency agreement concluded with Swan Hellenic Cruises for the booking of shore excursions is subject to Cyprus law. Your shore excursion contracts with the individual local excursion operators are governed by the applicable law as set out in their terms and conditions or, in the absence of such provisions, by the applicable law of the country in which the excursion is conducted.