Expedition cruises with kids

For young explorers with naturally curious minds and adventurous hearts, an expedition to the beautiful and mysterious polar regions provides a once in a lifetime wealth of enriching opportunities in an exciting and welcoming environment.

Connecting more closely with your whole family during these intimate and unforgettable encounters with rare terrestrial and marine life will provide unforgettable memories. Your kids onboard will have a chance to make new friends in a warm, family-friendly setting while they look forward to a once in a lifetime trip as you discover an icy, awe-inspiring landscape of weird and wonderful shapes.

Adventure cruising for kids

With experts on hand to answer all kinds of questions, teens can become real explorers as they immerse themselves fully in this unforgettable wilderness and learn more about the nature, culture, and climate of destinations, and how to protect and preserve the environment.

Swan Hellenic’s commitment to the latest tech in-room and on board such as the photography lab means kids will be able to enhance every fun moment they experience. At The Swan’s Nest (on board SH Minerva and Vega Class), they will also have an extraordinary observation platform located on the ship’s front, to allow them to survey their magnificent environment. All great for teen fun - Swan Hellenic welcomes kids from 8 years old on its cruises.

Arctic cruising or trip to Antarctica?

From tasting new, strange regional delicacies and kayaking where few have paddled before to editing GoPro footage of their close encounters and sharing the day’s stories at the daily recap or on the ship’s table, this is a trip like no other and a story they will want to tell their kids, too.

Each day is a new adventure for kids as their surroundings unfold on a voyage full of contrasts and diversity. From polar bears in the north to penguins in the south, wildlife will come to life in ways many young minds will never have dreamed of before. From terns, gulls, whales and the mighty albatross to cliffs of ice towering over Zodiacs, they will push the frontiers of travel and their imaginations.

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