Answer the Call of Adventure and Find the Best Cruise for you

You wake up to an amazing sunrise over beautiful blue waters, and breathe in fresh sea air, the promise of an exciting expedition waiting at the next port. When it comes to the world’s best cruise vacations, finding the right one for you isn’t always easy. Is an Arctic voyage calling to you? Or maybe you want to explore the wilds of Africa?! If you’re unsure where to travel to read on, and discover what to bear in mind when you’re deciding which of our wonderful cruise routes would be the best choice for your next voyage…

Know your Travel Style

When deciding on your best cruise, the first step is to identify your travel style. Do you dream about exciting expeditions or exploring beautiful white sandy beaches? Maybe you want to wander cobbled streets and learn about fascinating local traditions. Knowing what experiences you want will help you choose a voyage with the right activities.

Consider your Interests

With so many cool cruise destinations too choose from, considering your interests can really help you find the right voyage for you. Whatever you’re passionate about, from food, photography and wellness, to wildlife, nature or historical monuments, there are Swan Hellenic expedition voyages to suit your interests. Finding the best cruise for you will be much easier when you focus on your interests.

Find your Ideal destination

When people are choosing a voyage, they often focus on lists of the world’s top ten cruise destinations. However, we think the decision’s a lot more personal than just consulting a list. It’s important to bear in mind what qualities your ideal destination will have. Do you want to lose yourself in a tropical paradise, investigate historic cities, or discover remote, scenic coastlines? The destination you're most drawn to will help you decide which expedition voyage is right for you.

Think about Adventures

Just as important as finding the right destination, deciding what kind of adventures you want will help you find the best cruise for you. Are you dreaming of exploring cultures and customs? Maybe you like the idea of discovering natural phenomena, such as the Northern Lights, or getting up close to incredible wildlife? Or heading off on thrilling zodiac excursions, and kayaking through pristine natural settings? By taking these factors into account, you’ll soon be able to select the perfect voyage that caters to your dreams, hopes and desires!

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