Why go on an adventure expedition cruise?

What comes to mind when you think of the ultimate holiday adventure? Where are the destinations of your dreams? 
When it comes to extra-special, once-in-a-lifetime trips that are really worth going that extra mile for, Antarctica, the Arctic and at the very extreme of that region, the North Pole, are home to some of the most beautiful and dramatic scenery on the planet. Cruise with Swan Hellenic on our refined and cosy ships and we will set you on course for memories that are bound to last a lifetime.
Here is an overview of what to expect in each location.


Nobody forgets their first day in Antarctica. The dream-like wonderland that greets you on deck - a panoramic vista of snow-kissed mountains, icebergs and mile upon mile of sparkling blue ice. And it is yours to explore! At the bottom of the world, several hundred miles from South America, the White Continent is a destination like no other. The planet’s largest glaciers are found here, along with five of the world’s penguin species. Icebergs float like snow palaces on the horizon, whales and dolphins leap in front of the bow. Swan Hellenic’s luxurious expedition ships will set you on course for the trip of a lifetime. 


Imagine feeling the cold air against your face as you relax in a jacuzzi at midnight and experience the wonder of the Midnight Sun and perhaps catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis. Or catching sight of a walrus on the beach or a polar bear hitching a ride on an ice flow. As you sail through the Arctic between glaciers and past waterfalls, weaving a path through gleaming ice-filled fjords, you will be mesmerised by the beauty of the Arctic. For those who make it as far as the North Pole the thrill factor will go sky high. Imagine, standing here - at the top of the world! 
Whether it is the far-flung reaches of northern Norway, Russia’s pristine Franz Josef Land, the legendary Northwest Passage or the icy wonders and unique cultural heritage of Greenland, the Arctic is a frozen playground for anyone with a love of nature and a sense of adventure. 
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