Cruising to Greenland – Six Special Wonders You Don’t Want To Miss

Dreaming of sailing past towering glaciers, watching cosmic lights dancing in the sky, and immersing yourself in a culture like no other? Then our cruises to Greenland are what you need! Read on to discover six special wonders of the world's largest island.

Ilulissat Icefjord

This UNESCO World Heritage Site has to be seen to be believed. Ilulissat Icefjord serves as the outlet for Sermeq Kujalleq, one of world’s fastest-moving and most productive glaciers. This glacial giant calves massive icebergs that can tower up to 3300 feet above sea level and is responsible for roughly 10% of all the icebergs produced in Greenland. With its mesmerizing icy landscape and colossal icebergs, it’s no wonder sailing through the majestic Ilulissat Icefjord on a Greenland cruise with Swan Hellenic is often described as a magical experience.


Greenland’s most isolated town, Ittoqqortoormiit, is a small community of around 500 residents. It’s said to be one of the best places on Greenland cruises to experience the traditional Inuit style of living. Founded in 1925 by the Danish explorer Ejnar Mikkelsen, local hunters still follow ancient traditions here. This picturesque town is inaccessible for much of the year, due to a thick layer of sea ice, which prevents ships from approaching its port. To the north is the world’s largest national park, and to the south, the largest fjord system in the planet. The surrounding unspoiled lands are home to fascinating wildlife, including Arctic foxes, seal colonies, and millions of seabirds.

Kujataa World Heritage Site

Want to dive into Viking history on your cruise to Greenland? Head to Qaqortoq, the largest city in South Greenland, and you’ll be in the perfect place to explore UNESCO-listed Kujataa World Heritage Site’s extensive Norse ruins. The southernmost Norse settlements ever discovered, Kujataa’s farmsteads date back to 10th-15th centuries AD and showcase the resilience of the people who lived in this challenging environment. You’ll step back in time as you discover hundreds of archaeological remains set in a unique sub-arctic farming landscape.


Picture yourself cruising Greenland and exploring colorful Nordic houses, with towering snow-tipped mountains all around you. Welcome to Aappilattoq, a remote Inuit village found on a small island in the Upernavik archipelago. Set in the icy wilderness of Prins Christian Sund, this small settlement is steeped in history, and only accessible by boat or helicopter. You’ll never forget exploring this charming place, which is home to around one hundred people who make a living from fishing and hunting.

Scoresby Sund

Imagine cruising past soaring cliffs, and gigantic icebergs and glaciers, as you sail through the pristine Arctic wilderness. Sound good? Well, cruise Greenland with Swan Hellenic and you’ll soon be discovering all this and more as you voyage through the vast Scoresby sund fjord network! This majestic labyrinth of interconnected fjords and inlets is the largest and most complex fjord system in the world. Renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery, and framed by imposing basalt mountains, Scoresby sund is a haven for incredible wildlife, including mountain hares, Arctic foxes and an abundance of wonderful birdlife, including Atlantic puffins, fulmars, and snowy owls. Seals and whales are common sightings here too!


Ready to step into a different world? Explore Kangerlussuaq, found at the head of Kangerlussuaq Fjord. Greenland’s longest fjord has the world’s second-largest ice cap on its doorstep, and herds of arctic wildlife roaming through its UNESCO World Heritage Listed wilderness. You could spot reindeer, Arctic hares, and gyrfalcons when you’re here, as well as the elusive Northern Lights (visible during the hours of darkness)!

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